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Frequently Asked Questions



What is 6453 ALUMNI?
6453 ALUMNI is a network and community of former Nike colleagues and retired Nike sponsored athletes from around the world. 6453 ALUMNI was established for the purpose of connecting, pursuing personal and professional enrichment, and expanding our impact on the world. The 6453 ALUMNI is nonprofit organization and self-governing network established for the mutual benefit of our members. We operate independently of Nike, Inc. and its subsidiaries.

What do the numbers 6453 represent?
The numbers 6453 are the last four digits of Nike’s phone number at the World Headquarters office in Beaverton, Oregon as well as other Nike offices around the world. 6453 spells “Nike” on the phone dialing pad.

Who is eligible to join?
Former Nike employees and retired Nike sponsored athletes may register to join the 6453 ALUMNI.
Can I join if I worked at Nike EHQ, Nike GCHQ, Nike Memphis or other Nike offices?
Yes.  All former Nike employees, wherever they’ve worked around the globe are welcome to join.

If I worked for Nike subsidiaries am I eligible? 
If you were a Nike employee before or after working at a Nike subsidiary, you are eligible to join.

Can I join if I currently work at Nike?
If you were at one time a Nike alum and returned to the brand, you are eligible to join. Once an alum, always an alum. 

What are the benefits?
Membership to the 6453 ALUMNI Network includes access to the 6453 ALUMNI online platform and exclusive content and experiences. It’s a central hub to:

  • CONNECT: Activate connections with teammates around the world.
  • EXPLORE: Discover opportunities to create the future and make an impact.
  • LEARN: Grow your knowledge, mastery and/or share your expertise.

What type of activities & experiences will be offered?
The 6453 ALUMNI Network will provide access to following in a phased rollout:

  • Dynamic searchable database (locate teammates by project, initiative, location, skills, etc.) 
  • Comprehensive member profiles
  • Seamless integration across social media platforms
  • Ability to create affinity groups and local/geographic hubs
  • Leadership & professional development opportunities
  • Mentorship, storytelling and volunteer opportunities
  • Resources, guides & tools
  • Exclusive community experiences

How do I join?

It’s easy! Access the 6453 ALUMNI portal at www.6453alumni.com to register. Once we verify your information and you meet eligibility criteria, you’ll be an official member.  

If I have any additional questions, who can I contact?

For general questions, please contact team@6453alumni.com. For specific questions about the organization, contact Jana Panfilio, Co-founder and President of the 6453 ALUMNI Network at jana@6453alumni.com.